Music & Media

by Dan Leich

"I believe that embracing the importance of artistic expression in an individual’s upbringing and education is paramount to ensuring a more fulfilling life.  Music has been my method of artistic endeavor since a young age and continues to play a crucial role in my life.  I am thankful for the ability to share my craft with those who enjoy it across multiple genres, and even more so to my students who learn from my experience."

-Dan Leich

Dan is a multi-genre violinist & violist.  Classically trained, his repertoire includes orchestral, chamber, bluegrass fiddle and Americana classics.  

Located in Morganton, North Carolina, Dan has easy access from Asheville to Charlotte.  This makes access to a wide array of musical venues in Western North Carolina quite simple.

Dan is currently a member of the Blue Ridge Orchestra, based in Asheville.  As a member of the viola section, he performs in four concert series per season.  The orchestra performs a repertoire of classical and contemporary, and additionally will host regional guest artists.

Click here for more information about the Blue Ridge Orchestra, or to see our upcoming events schedule.

He is additionally a member of the bluegrass and folk band The Woodshed Collective - a group of four friends who frequently jammed together to enjoy their love of Americana.  They frequently perform together at regional fundraisers, including for the Foothills Conservancy and the Lake James Environmental Association.

And a new venture that Dan just began in 2023 is the formation of The Carolina Primrose Quartet.  These four members of the Blue Ridge Orchestra came together to create an informal group, available for bookings and performing concerts locally around Asheville, NC.

Click here for more information about The Carolina Primrose Quartet, and for upcoming concerts.

Send a message to Dan to inquire about booking musical event.  Dan is also available for private lessons.  Contact for availability!